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Small Business & Residential clients are now being accepted!  Imagine learning your computer or smart phone with questions you create. Or getting the word out about your new small business!  Your Computer Tutor can help make that happen!  If you've taken computer or smart phone classes before and haven't gotten much out of it, give us a call and see the difference!  We teach and fix so you get the best of both worlds. We can even set up wifi, printers, TVs, alexa/goolgle smart speakers and of course, computers and smart phones.  We work with all ages and love beginners! 

Service in: Hartford, Slinger, Menomonee Falls, Germantown, Lannon, Jackson, Sussex, Rubicon, Wauwatosa, Colgate, Richfield, Hubertus, Erin & surrounding areas (or anywhere online).


You'll experience a client-driven lesson where you create the questions and learn what you've always wondered about. At the same time conquering your fear of technology!

SMARTPHONE Setup & lesson(S)

We can teach you your smart phone in 1 to 3 visits.  Imagine being able to open your email or facebook with just a tap, instead of the several steps and memorization (not to mention upkeep) that a computer requires.  Many clients are surprised to learn that smartphones are in fact easier than computers in many ways and require less investment and maintenance.


SMALL BUSINESS OR RESIDENTIAL help with many different social media platforms.  If you have a small business or group, you need an online presence.


We help with small biz promo 1-10 employees or up to 4 computers.  Can also provide office or tech support staff.

Help with all types of email & COMPUTER questions

 reset passwords, error messages, windows tune up, troubleshoot issues & set up new accounts

Password & Lock out Help

Don't panic! We offer password reset on devices, wifi, your accounts & more!

Help with computer setup

This includes your printer, smart phone, tablet, TV, smart speaker & other devices and support after setup.  This also can include inspection of previous setup & verifying your antivirus is working properly.