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"An Investment in Yourself is Always a Good Investment"


WELCOME! Here's more about Your Computer Tutor & Repair

Your Computer Tutor & Repair is a mobile service, meaning you won't have the worry of dragging your desktop computer or equipment anywhere and we make house calls!!

AND...You can get help online FAST by clicking the above button just above the "computer & tech help" heading.  (save $ and you won't have to leave home!)

  • You can get a house or office call (or meet somewhere).  
  • We love seniors and beginners! We treat all clients with kindness and respect.  Please do the same.  We have been serving clients like you since 2002 and are A+ Certified in Computer Repair. (see our "reviews" page)
  • If you don't have a computer, you at least need a smart phone or tablet - call NOW!
  • "How much do you charge?" For starters.. Please tell us your name & what's going on -- your estimate is customized.  Private lessons are hourly and can be taken with a friend.  Or take 2 hours at once & save $  And... ASK ABOUT OUR FALL SPECIALS!  Packages are also available to save $ and get help with questions.
  • NO prior knowledge or skills or age limits necessary (we have ages 30-85!)
  • NOT SURE?  Try a lesson or tune - up (computer check up) first. 
  • You have invested money in your computer, (phone/tablet) why not protect it? Computer problems will not get better by themselves -- it will lock you out of the Internet eventually.  A slow computer or pop ups are a sign of trouble. Your information can also be stolen!  Don't risk it, call NOW!

If you have a willing attitude, can invest money/time -- you CAN do this!

You can also:

  • save $$$ money $$$ on your cable, insurance, phone, internet or wifi service - ask us to help you do this during your visit.
  • create a budget and/or learn online banking and bill pay and avoid service fees
  • get your computer, wifi, tablet, phone or printer set up or fixed (or learn it)
  • find websites for: hobbies, forms, investments and business you'll actually use
  • learn how to type a letter or email or send a picture, card or letter via email
  • get help with your projects (home or business) or organize YOUR HOME or office!
  • tackle error messages AND check or speed up a slow computer
  • get help on email or Internet issues or ask questions or get email set up.
  • CALL TO SCHEDULE or get a package deal - NOW!


Call or text: 2626798789 or 9203508789