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Unlike others, we teach AND fix and are certified!  We'll answer your calls (texts/emails) quickly! 

  • We can service, train you on, or set up your computer, Internet, ipad, tablet, camera or phone.  We serve small businesses and we make house calls (or meet close by). 
  • We're very personable/friendly & easy to work with!
  • We can: remove viruses, write blogs/profiles/resumes, sell stuff for you, head off PC problems, save photos, organize info/office, troubleshoot, upgrade you, check your warranty, transfer info to a new computer, help research, help you "Google", navigate Facebook & popular websites, fix email, help with household tasks such as budgeting, finances or organization.
  • We work on MAC or PC computers!
  • We can shop for, install and set up a computer or printer for you in less than a few days, usually!
  • You'll learn on your own computer or it will be fixed while you wait! (Depending on your needs) 

  • We will make sure your computer is as safe/secure as possible & you remember your info.

  • We give $ for EACH new client you send our way as a "thank you!"
  • Don't take our word for it, click on the reviews to learn more about us!

No prior experience/knowledge is required. All services (or lessons) are customized & very laid back/informal.  Lessons are driven by what you want to learn - in your home or small business location. We're based in Muskego, WI. **Quotes are based on your location & needs and are unique.

"Don't be intimidated by technology -- we can help you - NOW!"