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Your Computer Tutor LLC

(262) 679-8789  (call or text anytime!)

Don't be intimidated by technology, we can help you - FAST!



Please call or text (262) 679-8789 or if you need computer or tech help/lessons.  We can help you navigate the computer "jungle" so you can use devices the way you prefer.   We treat you the way a friend would!  You will enjoy the service you receive. 




























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Get help with:

  • Password reset & recall (of all types)

  • Email
  • Windows 10
  • Shopping for a new computer or device (tablet/phone)
  • Cord cutting (getting rid of cable or satellite)
  • Lowering your phone (or cell), Internet and TV bills
  • Reinstalling or upgrading/repairing Windows
  • remote lessons or service anywhere in US (no leaving home!)
  • Instruction/lessons at your own pace
  • Selling your stuff for you
  • Planning your next trip/travel arrangements
  • Virtual assistant or on site office help
  • In home (or office/library) computer help & setup
  • Billing, Transcription and Collections
  • Typing reports and correspondence
  • Resumes
  • Ads
  • Microsoft Office Basic lessons
  • Learn how to type a letter and/or send email attachments & pictures
  • cameras, video, music or file organization and how-to's
  • Computers & Tech 101
  • Wireless issues & equipment
  • Lessons based on your questions and what you want to accomplish
  • Cord cutting (getting rid of cable and setting up a new TV device)
  • Tune-ups and virus or spyware removal (remote, no leaving home)
  • Social Media (and setup/promo)
  • Wireless/wifi/Internet setup & solving problems
  • Writing ads/copy

  • Anything "tech"
  • We've started people from square 1 who had little to no experience with any sort of computer.  No worries, we can help you if you're willing to learn.
  • Not sure what you want or need?  Call us!