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Don't be intimidated by your computer (or device), we can help you with setup, repairs & lessons!  SPECIAL: FREE computer inspection with a lesson when you mention this site!


WELCOME!  We're glad you found Your Computer Tutor & Repair!

Here's a little more about the help you can get:

  • Your Computer Tutor & Repair is a mobile service, meaning you won't need to unhook anything or drag it in and hope you get back the same computer back!
  • *Local delivery and pickup is included or we can meet somewhere for service calls.  Usually takes 1-2 days. We *make house or office calls, too!
  • Clients range from age 40s to 80s.  We love seniors! We will treat you with kindness and respect and expect the same from clients.
  • HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE? *$49 FALL SPECIAL (on lesson or tune-up) (2004 price!)
    Free phone estimates based on your problem description.  You are paying for expertise, service & convenience. *Travel is charged based on location & only if you're more than 25 mi from FDL. (prices are per computer fixed).
    There is a charge for each visit (sorry, no phone/email help given)
    Prices are not negotiable. FOR A DISCOUNT: refer new clients to us or trade services.  Or, you can take lessons with a friend and split the cost.
  • You have invested the money in your computer, phone or tablet, why not protect it? Computer problems will not get better on their own it will lock you out of the Internet eventually, so get it checked out when your computer slows down!
  • We recommend tune-ups every 6-12 mos or if computer has never been looked at
  • Computers and phones will take time and money to keep them working right - learn how to back them up!
  • If you have a willing attitude and practice, you CAN learn or use technology 
  • It will take time and money, but it is worth the investment in yourself!!! And yes, it's always more than you think, but you won't regret it - an investment in yourself is always a good investment! 
  • Your confidence will grow as your knowledge grows!  You can:
  • save $$$ money $$$ on your cable, phone, internet or wifi service
  • Have basic computer service or a lesson
  • do online banking and/or shopping (yes, it's safe)
  • find the websites for your hobbies, investments and business you'll enjoy
  • have a technology coach (lessen intimidation, increase your confidence)
  • get virus and pop up removal
  • get help with projects from us
  • get help with password recall or reset
  • schedule appointments and view records
  • email attachments & AOL (or charter, rr, gmail, outlook, hotmail)
  • organize or learn about pictures, video and music
  • get printer (or scanner) install, repair or lessons
  • tackle error messages AND speed up a slow computer
  • update your computer
  • use the computer the way you want to
  • chat
  • put apps on phone or tablet (iPad)
  • get basic maintenance and solve problems before they lock you out of the Internet

GET OTHER HELP IN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE: writing, HOME or office organization, social media, minimizing your stuff (or purging), clean out room(s), office set up, sell your items, computer or printer setup or tear down, social media / secretarial services (call for estimate)

It's a fact!  Computers are an investment and usually things cost more than you want them to.  It's NOT enough to buy a computer, simply expecting it to run properly or do what you want.  Being willing to spend money and time on a regular basis will help! We're a locally owned/operated unique computer and technology service.  We pride ourselves on great customer service, but...


  • NO sending out your computer to who knows where -- hoping you get the same one back and it'll be fixed! 
  • NO calling overseas or out of state
  • NO being put on hold or forgotten about, or being sent to "voice jail"
  • NO unhooking or setting up something you're not familiar with

We serve northeast and southeast Wisconsin (or get help online -  call to set up)

*= (+ travel if outside 25 mi of Fond du lac)

FALL 2016:     FREE computer INSPECTION with computer lesson


Call: 2626798789 or 9203508789