Your Computer Tutor & Repair, LLC 


Don't be intimidated by your computer (or devices), we can help you with setup, repairs & lessons! Looking for prices?  Call (text) or email for your FREE estimate & specials! 



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  • Keeping you safe online - checking your antivirus
  • Email help or password reset
  • Q & A session(s) -- keep a notebook handy -- by your computer or tablet (ipad, smartphone)
  • Slow computer & pop ups (it will not get better on its own)
  • Microsoft and other security "warnings" (these are fake & must be taken off your computer)
  • Mac or PC computers and... shopping for computers & devices
  • Printers (setup & repair)
  • Set up or fix your wireless (DON'T pay cable's monthly charges!!)
  • Getting a new or better cell phone or plan
  • LOWERING your TV/Phone and OR Internet BILLS (done it many times, folks!)
  • Reinstalling or upgrading/repairing Windows 10 and previous
  • Scanning pictures or letters or using your camera (or phone/ipad camera)
  • Cleaning out your home, basement or office and/or selling stuff for you (home organization)
  • Planning your next trip/travel arrangements
  • Virtual assistant or on site office or help in your home with most everything
  • "House calls" (OR meet at your office, library or a restaurant)  or FREE pickup & delivery
  • Small business needs including secretarial and office help or setup
  • typing a letter, saving documents, creating budgets or reports
  • Wireless setup/fix (don't pay monthly fees for wireless - it's unnecessary)
  • Anything "tech" or Internet (including smartphones and tablets or "should I buy one"?)
  • **We've started people from square 1 who had little to no computer experience. If you're willing to learn, we can help!
  • Call for your free estimate. For your convenience, price is per job & includes travel time.
  • Not sure what you want or need?   Call & we'll talk about it!