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Don't hesitate to call!

We come help quickly! We love to show you how better use technology while lessening your intimidation. 


We also offer: setup, organization, typing, writing, blogs, instructions, training, personal assistant, updates, social media, data entry, phones, mailings, office work & backlog & other tasks you can't seem to get to in your home or small business!



























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Here's a few ways Your Computer Tutor has helped clients just like YOU...

  • Email, passwords, viruses, pop ups, recovery, set up, printers, wireless,

  • AOL, wi.rr, roadrunner, yahoo, gmail, Google, Facebook, Twitter
  • Slow computer, check up, antivirus and/or tune up (every 6-12 months)
  • Call tech support or cable/phone company for you. 

  • Resetting and recalling your passwords for just about everything
  • Wireless Internet passcodes and passwords (or setting up wifi)
  • Negotiating a better rate and package on phone/cable/Internet

  • Create a backup (save your stuff) or rescue stuff from a dead computer

  • Walk you through websites and favorites according to your preferences

  • Rescue your pictures, documents, video and other items

  • General Windows, smartphone, tablet or Mac help - computer & tech help

  • Sync your devices and shop for and/or set up printers, computers, wifi, smart phones (iPhone or android) and tablets (iPad, android)

  • Writing, websites, blogs, job hunting, resumes, data entry, typing & more!

This is only a fraction of computer & office services Your Computer Tutor LLC can help you!  For more real life service call examples, please see our "News" page